Conway Summit

All images copyright (c) by Greg Fisch

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On the way to Bodie, California one Autumn day, I was watching the shape of Conway Summit change as we drove past.  It was a horrible time to make a photograph... high-noon, perfectly clear sky, the grass was brown and the leaves were just starting to turn amber.  To top it off, all of my film holders had been loaded with Plus-X, not the best for low-contrast scenes like this.


As I continued to drive, I saw this view pass by.  After giving the situation much thought, I decided to turn around and at least give it a try.


The scene only had a range of about 3 Zones, so I split the difference and exposed for the middle.  Using a deep yellow filter to help separate the sky, ground, and shadows, was the best I could do.  Even with N+2 development, the print must still be made on Grade 5 paper.


Camera: Cambo SCII

Lens: Schneider Super Angulon 90mm f8

 Film: Plus-X 4x5

Development: Normal+2 (Full)