Sugar Factory

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One one of our trips along the California Coast, I brought along only Polaroid Type 55 P/N film.  This is a very fine film that provides both a positive and a negative.  The negative is of very high quality.

After spending a couple of days at Point Lobos and the Carmel area, we decided to return home via the inland route to expedite the trip.  We took a short-cut through Salinas that brought us past this sugar factory.  We were quite a distance from the buildings, with a freshly plowed field in between.  Not wanting to trespass, I set up the camera on the side of the road.  Because of the distance, the buildings were quite small.  Since I didn't have a longer lens, I took the exposure anyway hoping that I might be able to enlarge it enough to at least make a small print.  The resulting image is from an 11x14 print.  Even though it is only a small area (slightly larger than a 35mm negative) from the full 4x5 negative, the print is sharper than most of my other prints that were made from full-frame standard film.


Camera: Cambo SCII

Lens: Schneider Symmar-S 210mm f5.6

 Film: Polaroid 55 P/N

Development: Normal