Avocado Leaves

All images copyright (c) by Greg Fisch

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There was a small pond outside of the apartment where my wife and I once lived.  When the sun was just right, the pond would reflect the light into the dining area.  One morning I noticed the light illuminating the small avocado plant that was just inside the patio door.  I quickly set up the 4x5 and metered the very small leaves.  The larger leaf was placed on Zone V, while the lighter leaf fell on Zone VII.  While the original background was quite dark, it was not dark enough.  I had my wife hold the black focusing cloth behind the plant to make sure that the background was completely black.  The lens was just a few inches from the leaves requiring nearly the full length of the camera's monorail, almost 22 inches.


Camera: Cambo SCII

Lens: Schneider Symmar-S 210mm f5.6

 Film: Tri-X 4x5

Development: N+1