Moonlight on Mauna Kea

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After spending time trying to calibrate the CCD camera system for the CFH telescope, we finally decided to call it quits due to problems with the electronic system.  Since the Moon was already high in the sky, we would not be able to make any important images with the telescope any way.

I decided to go outside for some fresh air.  It's always very fresh at 14,000 feet.  Even though I had received a number of weird looks and strange comments from people at the airport who thought I must have lost my mind going to Hawaii carrying supplies better suited for Alaska, I was glad that I brought my heavy down jacket, ski pants, gloves and insulated boots.  It was several degrees below zero with wind-chill that brought it down to about -30 degrees F.

I placed the value from the cloud layer on Zone V which gave an indicate exposure of 15 seconds.  Allowing for reciprocity departure, I gave it 45 seconds and hoped for the best.

Camera: Nikon F2S

Lens: Nikkor 24mm f3.5

 Film: Kodachrome

Development: Normal